Sunday, May 3, 2015

Updated list

Since it was the weekend I was able to really get some of the work out of the way.  I got my keel anodes replaced.  This is time consuming as I have to crawl between all the axles of the trailer.  Just a pain to drag all the tools along with you.  I also did a lot of spring cleaning.  The cuddy is now empty except for two totes.  One is for all the misc stuff I might need and the other is for ropes.  Other than that, there is just a lot of open area.  I also got more of the fuel lines run.  I plan on finishing those tomorrow, cleaning the flybridge, and finally fixing the horn.  I plan on heading home for dinner and getting the aluminum channel for my flybridge controls sanded down and primed for paint.

  1. Interior  (The items below are really some of the last things I plan on doing. They are really the finishing touches to the whole renovation)
    1. Kitchen LED Install
      1. Will complete 5/6
    2. Cut hole for microwave power cable
      1. Will complete 5/6
    3. Finish sink/faucet/counter installation
      1. Will complete 5/6
    4. Add edge strip to the cabinets
      1. Will complete 5/6
    5. Put trim in the rear corners of the salon
      1. Will complete 5/6
    6. Touch up the interior paint
      1. Will complete 5/6
    7. Empty/clean the cuddy
    8. Secure all wires
    9. Secure the toilet pump
    10. Hang Curtain over sink
      1. Will complete 5/6
    11. Install Carpet
      1. Will complete 5/11 (When carpet is due in)
    12. Finish hot water tank switch
      1. Will complete 5/2
    13. Clean the upper salon flooring
      1. Will complete 5/8
  2. Engine Bay 
    1. Mount component mounting board
    2. Mount battery charger and outlet
    3. Plumb the generator
    4. Run generator fuel lines and water separator
    5. Reinstall the rudder cutlass
    6. Install remote oil filters for engines
    7. Replace battery charging cables
      1. Will complete 5/4
    8. Replace generator starting battery
      1. Will complete 5/4
  3. Driveline
    1. Paint strut
      1. Will complete 5/5
    2. Install rudder packing glands
      1. Will complete 5/5
    3. Install rudders
      1. Will complete 5/7
    4. Install shaft packing glands
      1.  Will complete 5/5
    5. Install shafts
      1. Will complete 5/5
    6. Install props
      1. Will complete 5/7
    7. Perform and alignment
      1. Will complete 5/5
  4. Exterior
    1. Clean up annodes
    2. Replaced chipped sink window
    3. Add more bolts to hold the hatch
    4. Seal the deck hardware
      1. Will complete 5/9
    5. Seal kitchen window track
    6. Replace flybridge wall
      1. Started. Old paneling removed.
    7. Fix horn
      1. Will complete 5/3
    8. Clean the exterior carpet
      1. Will complete 5/9
    9. Clean the flybridge
      1. Will complete 5/9
    10. Paint the front roof
      1. Will complete 5/9
    11. Rivet the loose rails
      1. Will complete 5/8
    12. Add new sticker and hull number
      1. Will complete 5/8

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