Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Up $*#! creek without a rudder

     In the past two days a few decisions were made.  Due to some very mismanaged space for my plumbing I have decided to reroute all my lines.  You can see from some of the pictures below that the previous owner just hooked it up and didn't care about how it looked.  I will be relocating the main pump and accumulator to the starboard side of the cuddy.  This will allow me to clean up the water lines and get them away from passing in front of my electrical panels.  While poking around the water system I noticed that my hot water tank, which gave us smell issues all year, is 8-9 years old.  Since it really isn't in working order I am going to replace it as well.  The carpet in the rear of the boat was near the end of its life.  I started ripping that up and we have settled on a piece of flooring.  The most difficult part of the carpet is the removal.  This stuff is glued down and doesn't want to come off.

     Now onto my progress.  It was a lazy weekend and I was just tired.  I got the rear half of the carpet pulled up and then started to get my electric where I wanted it.  I picked up my panel from my buddy and of course I forgot the plywood I needed to mount it.  In the end, I went ahead and mounted my other Isolation transformer.  I changed my layout for these as they need some breathing room and my initial plan of stacking them would cause a nightmare trying to access them to work on them.  I also went ahead and got all of the grounding lines terminated and installed.  Once the panel is installed tonight, I will go ahead and get it's main power feeds connected.  From there I am waiting on more heat shrink terminals to finish my lines into the panels.  I also have a few 120v connections to finish terminating.  The air compressor, hot water tank, and cuddy receptacles.  All easy enough to do.

    You might be curious as to why I title the post the way I did.  Well I borrowed a reciprocating saw and cut my rudders off.  There was initial hope that we could save them, before cutting them off, however they are now going to be garbage.  Horribly bent and rusty.  Their 40+ years of service are now over.  The next fun piece will be trying to remove the cutlass bearing for the rudders.  They haven't ever been changed as well and they don't want to move.   Below are the pictures.

This is the rear of the boat and where the carpet removal has been started.  I have only found a small 4"x10" piece of subfloor that I will cutout and replace because of rot.  The rest is really solid.

Here are pictures of the Isolation Transformer mounting and you can see the plumbing mess I have.  That is the main pump that will be moved to the starboard side and all the water runs will be along the floor.

Below are more pictures of the plumbing mess.  I am confused as to why he ran this run up so high for the accumulator tank and then tried to wrap it back down.  All of this will be moved and tucked away.

There is my hot water tank and the mess that surrounds it.  There is also no bypass on it so you are unable to winterize the hot water lines of your boat without putting antifreeze in the hot water tank.  Hence the smell that we have in our water system.

And here is the shaft of one of my rudders.  The very bottom has a severe bend to it.  The brass housing is actually fused to the shaft as well.  I will be creating a template to send to my rudder guy in Dayton to have a couple made for me.  

I can't wait for boating season, but it freaks me out that I have only a month left to really get this thing done.  We normally don't get in until close to June but there is still so much to get done.  Once the electric is done, I can really focus on getting the running gear and generator in.  I am thinking on waiting to put the flooring in when we get down to our boat dock.  We will see about that though.

  1. Remove upper cabinets Completed 3/9
  2. Finish Starboard lower outlets Completed 3/9
  3. Finish port lower outlets Completed 3/17
    1. I have all but one cable ran
  4. Build new power box for new electrical panels Completed 3/28
    1. I will have to shift my 12volt connections about 3 inches so I have the proper room
  5. Remove ceiling panels for access to the AC units for rewireCompleted 3/14
    1. While these are out, I will be putting some foam board in to insulate the ceiling as well Completed 3/14
    2. I will also run the wiring for the lights above the sink/microwave as well as the outlet on the shelf in the upper salon Completed 3/9
    3. We will be installing some LED lights under the upper cabinets for lower power use and brightness Will complete week of 3/24
    4. Install new lower cabinets Completed 3/14
  6. Install power panels
  7. Remove rudders Completed 3/31
    1. Both rudders are bent.  I have a shop in Dayton Ohio that will weld me a couple for a great price.  
  8. Remove prop shaft and struts  Completed 3/26
    1. Sending the prop shafts to a machine shop to straighten
    2. Sending the strut to Pluckebaum to get a new one made Completed 3/30
  9. Install new hot water tank
  10. Finish Cuddy wiring
  11. Remove Carpet
  12. Reinstall strut, prop shafts, and rudders
  13. Replace exhaust manifolds Ordered
    1. My manifolds are rusted out and the drain plugs wont go back in.  I encountered this on the Kingscraft and finding your boat to be taking on a lot of water isn't fun.
  14. Install new generator!
    1. I can't wait for this one.  This will make or break the boating season this year.
  15. Replace hull numbers
    1. I sported the registration from the former owner last year even though I had my own.  I suck at getting the hull numbers straight and they look like crap.
  16. Fix the horn
    1. The mover had to loosen bolts on the horn so the flybridge could fit on the lower deck.  The issue is that the bolt fell inside the horn assembly.  So I have to take it apart to get the bolts out.  It is also siliconed to the flybridge.
  17. Replace flybridge interior walls.
    1. For some reason Marinette used an interior panel for the interior walls of the flybridge.  This part of the boat sits directly in the weather.  So 42 years later is has now rotted through.  We will pull this paneling off and fabricate something to take its place.
  18. Seal decking screws
    1. Stop the rain from getting in!

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