Saturday, April 11, 2015

The carousel of progress.

   Well it has been a great few days working on the boat. The weather has really started to turn to the warmer side and we ha e gotten a lot. Done.  We knocked the plumbing and exhaust manifold installs out in the last two days. Kudos to my buddy Seth who really pitched in and designed the new plumbing layout and really helped with the manifolds. Him and I have been helping each other out on each others boats for the past few years. Mostly he teaches me but I can turn a wrench and follow directions.  We were joking today that the approaching alignment will be our last think neither of us have undertaken so far.

   I am updating from my phone so it is a pain to try and update the full checklist so here are some pictures too show the progress.

This is a picture of a crazy storm just about to hit on Thursday evening. The initial wind felt like the Shockwave from a bomb.

Here is the new plumbing layout. You will notice in the 2nd picture it now doesn't cross in front of my power panels.

Here are the pictures of my new manifolds. Their install went way easier than our last experience with the Kingscraft.

Tomorrow my only goal is to really get the boat cleaned out of unneeded equipment. I have racks of stuff that I don't need to keep on the boat. I will keep one bin of necessities and take the rest home.  I also want to vacuum the vdrive hatches and get them ready for the new shafts.

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