Monday, April 20, 2015

a little RNR.

   I ended up taking the weekend off from my boat and helping out my friend with getting their docks ready and also pulling the Kingscraft for some repair work on Sunday.  After clearing my head I am refocused on my remaining tasks.  I got out of work later than I wanted to and dinner ran a little late as well.  I ran to Lowes and picked up my supplies to build the bulk head.  After getting my measurements we cut the wood to length and started mounting it. Things went pretty well except for running out of screws.  Here is a picture of the almost finished product.  I will finish screwing it down tomorrow and remount ing my paneling.  I have to remake a couple of pieces that had some water damage from the poor sealant job by the PO on the middeck rail screws.  More to come tomorrow.

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