Saturday, March 28, 2015

Trying to stay motivated

I got to the boat a little later than normal today.  I just wasn't feeling it.  After getting to the boat, that feeling stuck around for a bit.  I was torn on what to really work on today.  I decided that I would get some loose ends tied up.  I decided to remove all the of the cables that were from the generator power feeds and anything else that was left in the boat.  Needless to say I was very shocked at how much I still had left to pull out.  I also removed a run of 4 DC cables that were still hooked up to the battery but not hooked to anything else.  Here is the amount of crap I pulled out today.

After doing all that I decided to go ahead and get my generator wires run.  That was time consuming just because I had to feed the lines through a few areas and then grab the other end and pull it through.  It would be much easier with 2 people.  After that I decided to go ahead and run my shore power lines and get the main switch ready.  I got the main all wired and also mounted on of my isolation transformers.  My buddy also got my new panel box made.  I will be mounting it below tomorrow.  I hope to have all my main power feeds completed tomorrow and panels mounted.  I ran out of heat shrink terminals so I can't get all my runs terminated until probably Tuesday.  I will get all my cables cut to size and ready to terminate to the panels.  Mid week I should be able to test my 120 cabling job.  Below are a few pictures of my main panels and the Isolation transformer mounting.  I believe I am going to reroute my plumbing.  It is all over the front of my electrical panels and I can't stand it.


  1. it looks a lot better! rick

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