Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The list is getting smaller

I attempted to write this post on Sunday but I was just way too tired after working all weekend on the boat.  After I read the draft it was just a bunch of rambling.  Since then I have worked a couple more days on the boat and have more progress to report.  Here is a breakdown of items I have completed or progressed on in the last 4 days.

I insulated and reinstalled half the rear ceiling panels.  My friend showed up around noon and we were able to get running.  We removed the last two ceiling panels and insulated there.  Those panels went right back up.  From there we got working on the cabinets.  We were able to trim down the upper cabinets and get them mounted.  The challenge for those was that the ceiling in the boat has an arc to it.  So we had to taper the edge from the front of the cabinet to the back so it would sit level.  After mounting those, we were able to get the bottom cabinets installed.  We also cut the counter top to the proper length, cut the hole for the sink, and glued the side trim pieces on the counter.

I was dragging and got to the boat later than I wanted.  I took down the front ceiling and was focused on running my front AC wire.  This was more challenging because I had to remove the entire front paneling/trim of the boat to get it done.  In the end I did get it done and started to cut insulation.  I found the extra energy to finish insulating the front of the boat.  I had to call it a day after 5 hours because Walking Dead was coming on.

I picked up my remote start panel for my generator and its wiring harness.  I headed to the boat and got started.  I got the entire front ceiling and trim back together.  Technically the front salon is more back together than when the boat arrived from Cincinnati.  There was a piece of trim that I was slacking on installing all last year.  It is finally done!  I finished wiring the rear outlet and taped off the cables for the engine bay outlet.  I will wire that when I get the genset removed.  I removed the paneling on the port side of the boat and finally completed the rewire that I started last year.  I eliminated an outlet that no one used.  I would have rewired it, but it was just impossible to access without dismantling the closet.

I finished terminating the port wiring to their outlets.  I put a GFI in the bathroom as was recommended in the survey I received when purchasing the boat.  I ran out of 12-3 cable so I needed to re.  I decided to move on and cut/fit the new main power panel and the genset remote start.  Most of the holes were already started from the existing panel and outlet.  I got the holes cut and the panels fit without issues.  I called it a day from there.

Since I received my 12-3 cable I will finish wiring up the cuddy and the hot water tank.  I will also really start to clean up the inside of the boat.  There isn't any more demo work that will be performed inside the boat so the mess can go away.

I will start the process of getting the rudders removed.  If the weather is decent I will start dropping the rudders so I can get them off to get straightened.  I will need to borrow a prop puller and start removing those from both sides.  I imagine the rudders will eat up most of my daylight and the props will wait until Friday.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
I will continue to work on getting the props and prop shafts removed.  This will probably also leak over into Saturday.  I hope that by the end of Sunday I have all the rear pieces removed and ready to ship to their various locations for repair.

Here are a bunch of pictures of the progress.

  1. Remove upper cabinets Completed 3/9
  2. Finish Starboard lower outlets Completed 3/9
  3. Finish port lower outlets Completed 3/17
    1. I have all but one cable ran
  4. Build new power box for new electrical panels
    1. I will have to shift my 12volt connections about 3 inches so I have the proper room
  5. Remove ceiling panels for access to the AC units for rewireCompleted 3/14
    1. While these are out, I will be putting some foam board in to insulate the ceiling as well Completed 3/14
    2. I will also run the wiring for the lights above the sink/microwave as well as the outlet on the shelf in the upper salon Completed 3/9
    3. We will be installing some LED lights under the upper cabinets for lower power use and brightness Will complete week of 3/24
    4. Install new lower cabinets Completed 3/14
  6. Install power panels
  7. Remove rudders
    1. Both rudders are bent.  I have a shop in Dayton Ohio that will weld me a couple for a great price.  
  8. Remove prop shaft and struts
    1. Sending the prop shafts to a machine shop to straighten
    2. Sending the strut to Pluckebaum to get a new one made
  9. Reinstall strut, prop shafts, and rudders
  10. Replace exhaust manifolds
    1. My manifolds are rusted out and the drain plugs wont go back in.  I encountered this on the Kingscraft and finding your boat to be taking on a lot of water isn't fun.
  11. Install new generator!
    1. I can't wait for this one.  This will make or break the boating season this year.
  12. Replace hull numbers
    1. I sported the registration from the former owner last year even though I had my own.  I suck at getting the hull numbers straight and they look like crap.
  13. Fix the horn
    1. The mover had to loosen bolts on the horn so the flybridge could fit on the lower deck.  The issue is that the bolt fell inside the horn assembly.  So I have to take it apart to get the bolts out.  It is also siliconed to the flybridge.
  14. Replace flybridge interior walls.
    1. For some reason Marinette used an interior panel for the interior walls of the flybridge.  This part of the boat sits directly in the weather.  So 42 years later is has now rotted through.  We will pull this paneling off and fabricate something to take its place.
  15. Seal decking screws
    1. Stop the rain from getting in!

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