Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Burning Daylight

I made it back in town around 5 pm from a work trip and went straight to the boat.  Since it was already late in the evening, I had only a few hours of daylight to work with.  I went to work on getting the rear AC unit buttoned up.  I have to say I am pretty please I was able to wire this up myself.  The actual connecting of the AC wasn't an issue, but getting the power run into the AC unit was ridiculous.  Whomever installed the AC unit didn't line up the access hole in the support beam with the hole on the AC unit.  Therefore I had to fish the line through a hole the size of a quarter and then immediately bend it 4 inches and fish it through an even small hole in the AC unit.  This would have been easy if I could have reached the holes by hand.  Since I didn't want to remove the entire AC unit to take the ceiling down, I taped the power line to the end of the wire rods and fished it across and into the hole.  I went ahead and terminated the ends and put the AC cover back on.  I went ahead and moved onto finishing the starboard outlet terminations.  I want to get the boat somewhat back together.  I have decided that I will purchase the cabinets on Thursday.  At that time I will also purchase the insulation for the rear of the boat.

Here is how I have the rest of my week scheduled out.

Finish terminating starboard outlets (Front, Rear, and Upper outlets)
Run and terminate port outlets
    -This requires cutting an access hole in the rear of the closet.
Run wire for Refrigerator
    -I have to determine the placement for this.  I am thinking high on the wall or even in the cabinet.

Purchase cabinets and insulation
Load everything onto the boat
Insulate the wall behind the cabinets, insulate the current open ceiling panels
Rehang the two ceiling panels

Remove last two rear ceiling panels and insulate
Run and terminate wire to the bathroom if needed

Install wall paneling behind cabinets
Install upper cabinets
Install lower cabinets
Terminate Microwave, Refrigerator, and Kitchen Lights cables
Install microwave

Remove front salon ceiling
Run and terminate front Air Conditioner
Insulate front ceiling
Run and terminate Hot Water Tank cabling
Run and terminate Cuddy outlets
Cut Main Power Switch template hole

Pick up remote panel and wiring harness for generator
Build power panel box

Install panel box
Install Isolation Transformers
Install Panels

Install Kitchen LEDs
Test shore power electric

Cut hole for remote panel and run wiring harness
Run Genset power leads

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