Friday, March 27, 2015

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

Got a few things completed since the last post.  I first started working on getting the rudders out last week.  This ended up being much more involved than I had thought.  From the beginning I had assumed this would be the easiest part.  After removing the linkage, upper grease fitting, and cross support I was able to finally get the packing nut off.  After removing this I figured they would drop right out of the boat.  Well they didn't and I have no what is going on. It looks as if the rudder has fused itself to the packing assembly.  Take a look below.

     As you can see they just wont release.  I am going to cut the paddle from the bottom side of the boat and pull the shaft up and out.  From there I will get them shipped out to the machine shop in Dayton to get a couple new ones made.  They will have to do two separate as the starboard side is a little more involved as it needs more work done to allow fitment for the steering controls.  

     From that point I gave up on the rudders for the moment until I can get a saw to cut them off.  I decided to move onto the props and prop shafts.  Instead of trying to figure out how to do it some other way, I went ahead and bought a prop removal tool.  This popped the props off without any issues.  Definitely a time saver and worth the money.  I got a tip on how to get them out of the coupler last fall.  They told me to press something between the shaft and vdrive as I tighten bolts to the flange.  This will just push the shaft out the end.  This actually worked very well.  The starboard shaft slid right out and I was able to pull it out the strut without issues.  This also worked on the port but I was so bound up at the strut that I had to remove the strut and shaft in one piece.  This wasn't a big deal as I was taking that strut off anyways.  The strut is much worse than I thought.  I am pretty sure that a major failure was coming in the next couple of years.  I did determine that my prop shafts were not isolated from the boat.  This was causing the corrosion issues and those were more wide spread than I realized.  The corrosion ate a portion of my shaft log away.  It isn't anything to be super concerned with at the moment, but something that is really good I remove the cause now.

    So this is where I sit for the moment.  I dropped my shafts at the machine shop today.  I will probably get two new shafts made.  There was enough scoring on the shafts that have me concerned enough to just replace them.  The strut will be shipped to Pluckebaum tomorrow.  I will also be shipping them a couple so that they can order two drive savers for them.  That will isolate my prop shafts and prevent the corrosion issues from happening again.  I plan on cutting the rudders off tomorrow and will get them shipped out Monday to the welding shop in Dayton.

My schedule is as follows:

  1. Finish cable terminations
  2. Run generator leads and panel cable
  3. Install electrical panel box
  4. Install electrical panels
  1. Finish electrical panels install
  2. Install isolation transformers
  3. Run new shorepower leads
  4. Test electrical
  1. Order exhaust manifolds
  2. Order new packing assemblies for rudders
  3. Order new packing hose for prop packing assembly
  4. Order new hoses for transmission cooling lines
  5. Ship rudders
  6. Start removing inside exhaust manifolds
  1. Finish removing inside exhaust manifolds
  2. Clean up vdrive compartment


  • Remove upper cabinets Completed 3/9
  • Finish Starboard lower outlets Completed 3/9
  • Finish port lower outlets Completed 3/17

    1. I have all but one cable ran

  • Build new power box for new electrical panels

    1. I will have to shift my 12volt connections about 3 inches so I have the proper room Complete 3/21

  • Remove ceiling panels for access to the AC units for rewireCompleted 3/14

    1. While these are out, I will be putting some foam board in to insulate the ceiling as well Completed 3/14
    2. I will also run the wiring for the lights above the sink/microwave as well as the outlet on the shelf in the upper salon Completed 3/9
    3. We will be installing some LED lights under the upper cabinets for lower power use and brightness Will complete week of 3/24
    4. Install new lower cabinets Completed 3/14

  • Install power panels
  • Remove rudders Halfway completed.

    1. Both rudders are bent.  I have a shop in Dayton Ohio that will weld me a couple for a great price.  

  • Remove prop shaft and struts Completed 3/26

    1. Sending the prop shafts to a machine shop to straighten Completed 3/27
    2. Sending the strut to Pluckebaum to get a new one made Completed 3/27

  • Reinstall strut, prop shafts, and rudders
  • Replace exhaust manifolds

    1. My manifolds are rusted out and the drain plugs wont go back in.  I encountered this on the Kingscraft and finding your boat to be taking on a lot of water isn't fun.

  • Install new generator!

    1. I can't wait for this one.  This will make or break the boating season this year.

  • Replace hull numbers

    1. I sported the registration from the former owner last year even though I had my own.  I suck at getting the hull numbers straight and they look like crap.

  • Fix the horn

    1. The mover had to loosen bolts on the horn so the flybridge could fit on the lower deck.  The issue is that the bolt fell inside the horn assembly.  So I have to take it apart to get the bolts out.  It is also siliconed to the flybridge.

  • Replace flybridge interior walls.

    1. For some reason Marinette used an interior panel for the interior walls of the flybridge.  This part of the boat sits directly in the weather.  So 42 years later is has now rotted through.  We will pull this paneling off and fabricate something to take its place.

  • Seal decking screws

    1. Stop the rain from getting in!

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