Saturday, June 21, 2014

Call me admiral.

At first I was debating on keeping this blog as I have decided to sell the Kingscraft.  Luckily for everyone, my friend is buying it so we can keep up on the status of all the updates. In my usual way, I have already purchased a new boat. I decided to go newer than the 1971. So I found a 1973 Marinette Sea Crest Executive houseboat. Very few of these were made but they're very similar to the Kingscraft.  I have noticed some significant differences in the layout, structure, and overall design.

This one does come with some work as well.  The engines need some TLC with new exhaust manifolds, carburetor needs replacing on one, fuel/water separator needs installed.

I doubt it but I will act like you are thinking, "What made him decide to keep the blog?".  I believe the new boat made the decision on its 300+ mile trip from Cincinnati. For you geography sticklers they detoured the transporter through Marietta. At some point the generator felt the need to provide AC power to the boat on the trip. I wouldn't mind this normally as it charges the batteries, however a water cooled generator running without water causes a big issue.  Needless to say the generator is dead and we are very lucky the entire boat didn't go up in flames.  The boat is now here and we are moving it to our dock today. 

So in short, I will be doing the blog when I can and keeping you up to date on two boats.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

600 lbs lighter

Well we finally got around to pulling both transmissions.  It wasn't as difficult as I thought but you need the correct tools.  While they're out we will be replacing the packing as it looks to be impossible with the transmissions in.

We are getting them picked up Monday and hopefully we can get them back in the next couple of weeks. I am going to replace the strut cutlass bearings as well. That way the drive train is all completed.