Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Updates and Electrical Designs

   First a quick update on the trip up river.  I went back down to the boat and I noticed that it still idled somewhat rough and just didn't sound right.  After jumping in the engine bay to work on the generator, I noticed that I didn't even plug in two of the spark plug wires.  DUH!  Once they were plug in the boat started right up and ran great.  The trip up river went very smooth and I didn't experience any issues.  That was the longest running trip that I have had the boat on since I bought her.  It was about 90 minutes up stream and about 105 minutes on the way back.  We really took our time coming back. 

Since that weekend, I haven't had time to go back to the boat.  I have been out of town for all of the 4th and working on the house.  I am having issues with my generator not pumping water.  I believe the impeller in the water pump has gone out.  After talking to the gurus on the houseboat magazine forums I have to do some work on my intake.  I need to put a check valve inline and make sure that I prime the pump before firing it up.  The issue I have at the moment besides lack of time has been knowing what impeller the pump even takes.  I will find out when I finally tear it apart. 

In my big plans for this winter, I am going to rewire the entire 12volt system.  Currently the wiring is pretty old and the 12 volt panel is just breaking apart.  I will go with a 13 slot Blue Sea panel to match the AC panel I put in last year.  I have created the following schematic for me to follow when installing.  I plan on installing a board in the back of my console to mount bus bars and terminal blocks to.  While redoing the 12v I am also going to rewire all my gauges.  I don't plan on replacing them at the moment, but as with everything on this boat, I will more than likely have to.  Here is the schematic I came up with.  Let me know what you think.  Click on the link to see the full size and you will be able to actually read the captioning.