Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I'm BACK!!!!!!!!!! It isn't good.....

   For all you followers for this epic story, I thought that I wouldn't have much to add this year other than the new windows being installed in the boat.  Oh how wrong I was.  We finally found some time to get the houseboat launched on Sunday.  Things seemed to be going so well.  The batteries weren't drained and required very little charging.  We were able to get the majority of the water out of the engine bay without issues.  It only took about 2 hours to get the boat ready and dropped in the water. 

    After being in the water, I let the engine warm up and started to check all the fluids.  Well the port side that had water issues last year started to add a lot of water to the oil.  So that pretty much means that engine is shot. 

    So you are asking yourself, just what is he going to do?  Well, I have sadly prepared mentally for this event since I saw the water in the oil last year.  I am going to suck it up and pull everything out of the back of the boat.  The generator, engines, and transmissions are now coming out.  I will probably look to get the generator a tune up.  It seemed to be running pretty rich.  The engines are going to get a couple of new long blocks each.  Since I just purchased new manifolds last year, those will fit nicely.  The carbs on the engine are both new Edelbrocks so those will fit nicely on the new one.  I want to purchase a couple of new end plates for the exhaust manifolds just so everything is new.  I will also buy a new hose kit to replace all the old hosing on the engines.  As for the transmissions, I am taking those to my friend who is the best transmission guy in the area.  He is going to look them over and let me know what I need to buy so he can fix them.  I will have to do a little housekeeping after getting the engines back in. 

So, I will have more information today on what I am going to do but stay tuned.  I am planning to take a lot of pictures and write down a lot of info.  Hopefully this blog will continue to help people that run into the same issues that I have.