Monday, July 23, 2012

I am buying someone a couple cases of beer!!

In my past posts you have noticed that I never really got my corrosion issues under control.  Well after giving Bob from I was able to finally get this thing fixed.  It ended up being one of the smallest things that I wouldn't have thought of.  If it wasn't for my friend that made my new rudder for me, I would still be pissed and scratching my head.  I happened to be at his shop bullshitting one day and he happened to mention that he would only use a full plastic shore power connector as he was worried about how it would carry current from the hull to shore.  I didn't think much about it, but I purchased a plastic connector to install later.

After talking with Bob, from, I wanted to test my boat to make sure I wasn't part of the problem.  Well, sure enough I was.  I went through all the test steps.

1.  Turn on your main AC circuit breaker but turn off all AC circuit breakers for appliances.
2.  Using an Ammeter to measure amps, take a reference reading
         -This reading should be zero.  The ammeter that I had wouldn't read below .04 even when not connected to anything so I took that as zero.
3.  Now turn on your circuit breakers 1 by 1 and see if your readings change
         -I turned on all the breakers and nothing changed.  The amps just kept going up without doing a thing.

After sitting there perplexed, I then remembered what my friend had told me.  I dug the plastic connector out of the box and started installing.  After getting the plastic connector on, I took a reading and it was PERFECT!!!!  I can finally sleep knowing my boat isn't just corroding away at the dock.  Now lets move onto the next thing!

Friday, July 13, 2012

In a tough spot

So as everyone who has read this blog knows, our houseboat has already had a bad run in with faulty electric. Since the beginning of the season, we have known that our friend's houseboat was dumping electric in the water and causing the entire marina issues. I went through the entire process of rewiring my boat correctly as to mitigate some of the issues. As you have seen, it was a long, expensive, and painful process. I would prefer it if I didn't have to have plate welded onto the bottom of my boat next year. After running some checks, we determined that we only have the 1 offending boat in the marin and I am friends with him. Now that most of my other work is done, I am on a mission to have him fix his boat. His wife and grandson are on board to fix it, however he seems to not want to. Hopefully this progresses well.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Little by little

Just a short post today.  It has been crazy hot here.  They say it will be over 100 degress tomorrow.  I plan on finishing up a few things today.

1.  Hook up the 4 new batteries into the battery bank
2.  Hook up the proper battery charger
3.  Connect the new Shore Power plug
4.  Replace the faulty bilge pump
5.  Determine how and where to wire in second Bilge pump.
          -I want two in the bilge, but I have to determine where I want it to sit and where to wire it in.
6.  Suck all the water out of the bilge. 
          -There is still some water in the bilge from the exhaust manifold issue.

I will post updates on the above when I get them done.  I still owe you pictures of the new panel setup.